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Ver Sully. Peliculas online Gratis en Español


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24 Comentarios

  1. Teresa Inchauspe dice:

    soo good!

  2. Lit Omgl dice:

    oh he'll nah I hate Plains I can barely get into a air port how will I gonna watch this he'll nah to the nah nah nah

  3. Nicole Bernstein dice:

    movie sully

  4. Damian Arganaraz dice:

    Muy Buena pelicula!!

  5. Alex Lielbardis dice:

    A must see!

  6. NotoriusHitman dice:

    Great movie. Héroe pilot.

  7. Present dice:

    A good reminder that team work or collaboration is a good thing when it comes to survival,  maybe in a few other instances too.

  8. Chris Corbett dice:

    as usual, people were trying to fry him…so they'd have to pay out less on the insurance all the way around, to him, the victims, the airline.

  9. SIR DONG dice:

    Bad movie bad film

  10. hiphopvenom dice:

    it was good but I thought it could've better

  11. Luke and Cuy Vlogs dice:


  12. Robin Logan dice:

    this really happened

  13. Iyke Ebii dice:


  14. jam12588 dice:

    What bugs me is in the movie they got the most famous quote wrong. Hanks says "we're gonna end up in the Hudson" but Captain Sully actually said "We're Gonna Be In The Hudson" How could they get that wrong.

  15. Evangelina Vega dice:


  16. Shreddy Shred dice:

    I t won't let me buy

  17. 薛永峰 dice:

    Best film in 2016

  18. Piano gamer dice:

    i like "based on a true"

  19. 子健唐 dice:

    So proud of captain!

  20. CrossHaiRoo7 dice:

    sully is a true hero to you sir i tip my hat

  21. Garden-Variety YouTube User dice:

    As noted in the movie, the passengers were rescued off the plane in just 24 minutes. If you get a chance to watch the footage of the landing, you'd swear that the ferries got there as soon as the doors opened.

    There so much greatness when WE Americans come together. There no other set of people in the world with a greater heart, determination and care for their fellow citizens than our country. After such a divisive and polarizing election, this movie reminds us that we Americans can, and will always work together to make our country great. Let's hope that we Americans keep that in mind and support each other as we spend the next few years under a new President.

  22. 杨帆 dice:

    Tom Hanks, my unique movie god!!!!!!

  23. Marissa Guerrero dice:

    love it

  24. Chen Peter dice:

    Sully is a great captain!