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Life In A Day

Life In A Day

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Life In A Day
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45 Comentarios

  1. Anthony Safi dice:

    most beautiful hour and a half you can find on YouTube

  2. amazingdany dice:

    Videos shot outside North America = most were very interesting ie globe-trotting Korean cyclist, shoeshine boy or Afghan photographer. Very eye-opening and cool.

    Videos from USA and Canada = most was time-wasting bullshit ie desperate friendzoned guy, lonely Skype wife, last whiny lady. Oh man, I was "bitch, please!"

  3. Cheri Jo-Bradford dice:

    Really fascinating concept and such a brilliant documentary! Funnily enough filmed on my birthday too.

  4. Jhon Ramirez Garcia dice:

    Um otako!

  5. Ozan Güler dice:

    that was good…definetely !

  6. Roman Lyubenko dice:

    Home, Human, now Life In A Day… are there any other documentaries of this sort on YouTube, painting the global picture instead of diving into some super specific topic?

  7. cat :v dice:

    human being is cruel

  8. Robi Ray dice:

    Awesome ! Food for perception.

  9. Evans Som dice:

    Im using this video to depict an argument that we have no free will in our every day that is why they are similar. Its made me extremely depressed.

  10. MLPsongsKorSub dice:

    Who the hell dislikes this?!

  11. ton Mazzon dice:

    watched it in 2012 and wacthed now 2016 A W E S O M E 1:22 1:24 what song is that ? best part ever

  12. عبدالله A dice:

    .. الحياة في يوم ..
    شيء رائع وجميل ابداع في العمل

  13. 周含悅 dice:


  14. The MadMarker dice:

    I will never eat beef again.

  15. Zaugr dice:

    At 37:12 godamn that girl is striking. Not what you'd expect from a place like that.

  16. bila bong dice:

    awesome documentry

  17. Pamela Miquel dice:

    Thank you

  18. Bilal Niazi dice:

    thank you for this wonderful

  19. BabaBooey00 dice:

    hands down my favorite documentary of all time

  20. Crls Ry dice:

    It's just the World from a anglo-saxon point of view. as always. too much england and english in it.

  21. Kasper Nedergaard Sørensen dice:


  22. digvijay bisht dice:

    amazingly describe every part of life….emotion,pain and happiness…

  23. Itasuke Kuromon dice:

    Quem é que esta aqui por causa de um tpc da stora?

  24. Hayden “Omnissah” Vandenbrink dice:

    Oh I see how killing the cow works, the gun lobotomizes them, making for a quick death. Neat.

  25. Clorox Bleach dice:

    My first year of high school the 4th day of school they showed me this documentary lol

  26. Devi dice:

    they should do a follow up with the same people- same style. like ten years later.

  27. Joanna H dice:

    today it's the 7th September 2016… I'm downloading this for my students because today we have read about this film in our textbook ""Pathways 2" … can't wait for their reactions ^_^

  28. Lucas Giordano dice:


  29. Добрый День dice:

    I find myself rewatching this somewhat like twice a year. Thank you.

  30. Eric Draven dice:

    I skip to the middle of the documentary to see what its like and I see a cow get shot in the head? No thanks.

  31. Sara Cavaleri dice:

    Nessun italiano ha guardato questo bellissimo documentario? <3

  32. PresentMoment InnerWorld dice:

    Thank you for this wonderful documentary. -from Philippines

  33. shi lo dice:

    damn the pregnancy part

  34. shi lo dice:

    whats the music on 27 ish

  35. Jamie Gray dice:

    Thank you

  36. Дина Ахильбекова dice:

    This is the great I have ever seen👏🏼 thank u so much for this film. It's awesome. Life is awesome

  37. Emmy G dice:

    ''I love my refrigerator" This is sooo me!

  38. Yan Xu dice:

    Life, no matter in what way, should be respected and cherished.

  39. PSJamie dice:

    Well this was great :)

  40. PSJamie dice:

    The cow 🙁 brutal af