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Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

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Independence Day: Resurgence
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41 Comentarios

  1. Ferroequus Domain dice:

    I remember being in San Diego and standing in line for over two hours to watch the original back in '96… this 'sequel' is such a let-down and a complete waste of money.

  2. David Ramos dice:

    don't waste your money on this

  3. Herbie Walters dice:

    we should be able to watch any and all movies as long as we pay the price new and old I'm really enjoying this give me more

  4. ghostrecon follow dice:

    this was cheesy. and not like nacho cheesy. like Jurassic world cheesy.

  5. Edward dice:

    Loved It. Silly, preposterous, way too much CGI and yes corny. Loved it and can't wait for the next one.

  6. Lucretia Galbraith dice:

    I don't like the way it buffering throughout the entire movie

  7. Jack Dolinsky dice:

    Trailer. Looks. Good, I wish. I saw. It. In the. Big. Movie. Theater. Screen?

  8. james moore dice:

    This was the stupidest movie I have seen in a long time

  9. Boushikage Sagat dice:

    I imagine more time spent on a groundpound/airbattle to get into the ship, rather than the savior AI opening bit, would have been an ace of a lot cooler, give it a more military aspect… should have kept it to two species imo.

  10. Ben Price dice:

    wow!!! please please please don't make another one of these!!!

  11. Dustin Johnson dice:

    I'm sorry but this movie is just awful. Full of crappy dialogue, over the top destruction, and how do they try to top bill Pullman's speech from the last film? Very poorly. And what's up with that Doctor still alive? I remember that guy at area 51 and he was dead! The guard checked his pulse. And the worst part is judging by that ending, their making another one. Seriously, independence day should have been a one time movie. I hate to say it, but I'd rather see a remake than a sequel to a movie that should only be a one time thing. Think about it, how silly does it sound that aliens will only attack on independence day? Why not Thanksgiving? Christmas? Or hell, why not Halloween? Yeah, some hot shot pilot gives his life to destroy the mother ship with the punchline " on behalf of the United States of America, happy Halloween! " I will admit when the film First started, I was enjoying it, but when it was over, I felt miserable wanting to see this movie.
    Well, we have seen a few good movies in 2016, some good, some I'd like to smack some of their directors in the face for getting me hyped up and letting me down. So i hope with the ever growing list of exciting movies in 2017, they will not disappoint.

  12. Jenna Twatson dice:

    ITs not working. What do i do?

  13. raymond wiggs dice:

    two years ago I stoped believing in globes and outerspace, now this movie sucks for me

  14. oscar manzano dice:

    great feel good movie!


    Excellent movies to enjoy at home, in tranquility

  16. Lance Smith dice:

    Sweet. I can't wait for the sequel to the sequel.

  17. Donald Riggs III dice:

    Heard it was going to be really corny, not quite as much as I expected definitely not a terrible watch very enjoyable as a fan of the original

  18. bLockae Swishin dice:

    make the next one!

  19. DiamondCry dice:

    the first one was my dad and i's childhood.. when the second one came out it was my dad and i's favorite movie

  20. Todd Morrow dice:

    My icon is bad ass

  21. Shadow_ Wolf dice:

    no will smith?

  22. Ander Pendragon dice:

    LOL, those look like the F-35, which has been in development for almost 20 years, and is about to receive 500 million more for further development… Because it's a piece of shit, that can't go supersonic without cracking the fuselage. The amount of money they'v spent on it could end homelessness in the US.

  23. Sterling Toliver dice:

    Okay, obviously not as good as the 1st one but, definitely a well made entertaining movie. I'd watch it again!

  24. Mai Her dice:

    This sequel was a major flop. The first was such a classic, this one was kind of an embarrassment. It was so boring and corny. Sorry, but I expected better. WAY better.

  25. EmeraldCommand dice:

    We are going to kick some serious, Alien ass!

  26. WheatSnackBread dice:

    Didn't even make it halfway through. On a scale of 1 to Gigli, I would give this a Gigli 2.

  27. The Age of Reasoning dice:

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  28. scream killer260 dice:

    Yo wussup boy

  29. Vegan Wolf dice:

    When I read the reviews of this movie I was worried. The reviews were so bad, but after watching it I'm convinced the reviewers were smoking a crack pipe. This sequel is better than the original! One of the best sci-fi flicks I've seen in years! Suspense, action, drama, a touch of romance and wonderful characters and subplots. And who could say no to Jeff Goldblum? Five f-ing stars!

  30. delta9 gardens dice:

    i pooped today!

  31. Beth Jach dice:

    I love cheesy! It is supposed to be that way. I enjoyed it.

  32. UnderseaCaveman dice:

    This movie is sooo shitty….I actually cheered at 46min48sec…."Mom dies" (how cheesy).

  33. UnderseaCaveman dice:

    In the USA, everyone flying around in Gravity defying vehicles and world peace achieved.But, in Africa….you still need to drive around in "UN vehicles" from 1990.  I am only 13 minutes into movie,  I wasted $4.99 and 13 minutes already….Hollywood blows these days.

  34. CaptainCool07 dice:

    you have to be 12 to like this movie

  35. eddie bowens dice:

    its pretty cheesy

  36. Clint Frederici dice:

    Looks like 2 hours of cheesy CGI to me

  37. Frank Shifreen dice:

    I tried to rent this movie on YouTube- they say it available – will not load. Going to Amazon
    Google- forget it

  38. chop98 dice:

    Not worth 4.99

  39. YOSOYM3NCHY dice:

    youtube selling movies really WTF

  40. diocrue420 zombies dice:

    it's a great movie 20 years later . people still hate plus this movie didn't need will Smith at all . the whole cast was great