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Bartok the Magnificent Full Movie English

Bartok the Magnificent Full Movie English

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Bartok the Magnificent Full Movie English
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47 Comentarios

  1. Hailey E.M. Hamato ヘイリ dice:

    YAY! Kelsey Grammer!

  2. Martyn McMurray dice:

    Upon seeing her reflection, Ludmilla lost what's left of her humanity and reverts into a violent monster, completing the transformation.

  3. Numba XV dice:

    and this was rated g….

  4. videogamehunter820 dice:

    I thought Piloff was the best part of this movie. Just my opinion.

  5. Kody Maxwell dice:

    31:40 – Baba orders Bartok to give her the key

  6. cosmi Black dice:

    hoe come it been 10 years since I've seen this movie and I remember everything

  7. Benjamin MacPherson dice:

    50:20 How has she not noticed yet?!

  8. Syren dice:

    I didn't even know know about this movie until today o.O

  9. Raun Carswell dice:

    51:46 Uh…Bartok….Zozi….there's a lever right there….up a bit, near the door….just right ther…..

    fuck it.

  10. Josh's Random Videos dice:

    50:07 LOL!

  11. TheGirAddict dice:

    did the bear just call himself сука

  12. Skinnypr Steven dice:

    my childhood omg i feel old my favorite movie

  13. Anki Hansen dice:

    Fuck Anastasia! Bartok is the real deal

  14. TheRealBitterbub dice:

    Does the advisor to the Prince Czar seem to strike anyone as the Bartok, equivalent of Izma from Emperor'sNew Groove?

  15. White Knight dice:

    A shame Rasputin never makes a cameo or mention in this.

  16. Arlene Whitehouse the m dice:


  17. codafett dice:

    All the 50 people of Moscow

  18. Kaywynn Jones dice:

    "Your highness? Are you even listening to me?"

    "Yeah, and I'm tired of listening to you."


  19. TheGamerGuy09 dice:

    Was Bartoks actor sick when they recorded cuz he sounds sick

  20. EB -the-GAMER dice:

    it holds up pretty well, considering the spinoff.

  21. Michelle Cruz61 dice:

    This is my favorite. Movie.

  22. Krazypeep123 dice:


  23. Report me dice:

    + Jacque M Zozi is my favorite character too. Kesley Grammar never gets old.

  24. sweetsonicstars1 dice:

    gosh dang this bat lived a long time.. Ivan the terrible was in the 1500s (says wikipedia) and anastasia takes place in the 1920s

  25. Courtney Kibodeaux dice:

    thank you so much for posting this movie!

  26. Amauri Rodriguez dice:

    can he can speak English

  27. bug suit dice:

    bartok the magnificent honestly taught me so much art-wise… gesture, pose, the importance of a strong silhouette in a gesture… i have a lot to thank this movie for. kudos to all the animators and also the writers for being clever, interesting and funny. thank you :^)

  28. starfire282100 dice:

    i got to say i kinda wanna hug the witch shes just misunderstood and needs a friend

  29. Nicole 47 dice:

    zozi and Bartok r my favorite characters. cool movie bro.

  30. elsa1942 dice:

    First time actually watching this, I've only ever watched Anastasia

  31. RatBatSpiderCrab dice:

    It would have been more hilarious in the climax If they kept Ludmilla as a giant in that form at 50:17.
    It would've been one of the funniest things seeing her destroy the city like that.

  32. Andrey Leary dice:

    I can't stop laughing when Ludmilla stops the person playing the trumpet on the balcony.

  33. Mckenzie Chase dice:

    tim curry has always been good at scary voices

  34. EmmaIrene Pacheco dice:


  35. Kumori Hiru dice:

    I watch this more times than i watch disney princesses. Sorry disney cartoons

  36. 101dalmatians217 dice:

    Bartok's cart is like the tardis So much bigger on the inside than the outside

  37. Jeremy Meneely dice:

    So this is just about the bat?

  38. Alex Reidy dice:

    Always interesting to see how accurate your memories are. Haven't seen this in 15 or 16 years.

  39. Futuristic Four dice:

    My DvD is scratched so now I'm here

  40. Svetlana Belkin dice:

    How old is Bartok anways?

  41. Delia Papion dice:

    who else thinks nostalgia critic should review this movie

  42. GremlinBaron2 dice:

    in my opinion Don Bluth best film

  43. Wolfgirl 217 dice:

    I'm guessing she is not gonna like her look

  44. Kody Maxwell dice:

    19:03 – Oh…(sinister laugh)

  45. Lucie Blandford dice:

    I love Bartok and Anastasia

  46. star flyer dice:

    movie movie movie movie movie movie!!!!

  47. Zachary Matthew James dice:

    This … wasn't … terrible! O.O